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Post SOMETHING, damn it!
I made this site to be auto-updated by the visitors...the users...YOU! And the vast majority of the people that come don't even bother submitting anything. I encourage you to add to the Oh Cany Blog, post on the new forums and rate our films with the new film rating system! You have the ability, and I WANT you to do it. So go wild.
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Russian Spies Are Up!
I just put up the Russian Spies videos, both missions. The reason it took so long to get up was because I somehow lost about 40 seconds of footage from just after the beginning of the movie, where the Mission is explained and the characters are introduced. There's just blank blue on the original tape, so it somehow got erased...not sure how. Anyway, I worked around it and edited together a title sequence that explains the mission and introduces the characters, complete with a rock remix of a traditional Russian folk song (which you may recognize from Tetris). I also put up the second mission, which is about three minutes long. Other than that, there was no editing. You can see them in the West Virginia Films section.
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I just created a new feature for the films section of this site that allows users to write a short review of our movies and automatically rate films on a scale of 1-10. This is completely automated, and all old entries are that's cool. (You can only rate films that are currently available online.) I also went through and rated all of the films to make sure that everything is working. It is. So go and get rating!
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Check out the awesomely cool new forum
Just added was actually very easy to incorporate, since I just used a popular, free and easy to install script that runs about half the message boards on the internet these days. I really like it, though. Hopefully you guys will too. You can access the forums through the link on the left.
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Ring around the rosey, pocket full of posies
Ashes, ashes, we all fall UP--Updated that is. All the videos that are gonna be up for the time being are up in .wmv format (either 100Kbps or 256Kbps format). I also put up the first half of the Colorado Oh Cany Scenes. The second half are not up because I haven't gotten them from Chris yet. I added a link also, and in the films section, wrote down how long each of the films was next to the link to the movie. That's about it.

Also, this isn't gonna happen for a while, but I'm eventually going to add an automized-reviewing and rating system for each of the films so that people can write a short review and rate all the films out of 10 or something...then they would be automatically added to the site and a little script would take the average of all the movies and maybe even rank them! I'm also looking in to a message board for the site or maybe just a guestbook or an anonymous board, since I don't foresee this site ever getting a lot of traffic. Speaking of which, I should install a counter that keeps track of the site's traffic.

Anyway, I'm gonna go admire the sixteen ounce bag of socks that I bought at the dollar store the other day. It says "Some may be wearable!" and "Pair the best and rag the rest!"

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Wow, this tops the PANCAKES i must say.
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OH DEAR~~A lot of people were having trouble with the real media streaming videos on this site, and I for one, don't really like that format....Plus you need that annoying Real One player to view them. So I decided to convert ALL the files on this server to .wmv format. (The .rm movies will be DOWN until the new versions are uploaded.) This means that you can *kind of* stream the videos...You can watch them progressively, as they download, but you can't just skip around while you're watching them until they're completely downloaded. Depending on your bandwidth, they could download faster or slower than the streaming .rm versions.

The files WILL be higher quality and more universally-accessible if you have a Windows platform (which the log files indicate that 100% of this site's visitors so far have.) Sorry Mac users...I'm not sure if you'll be able to see the movies (but good ol' Bill Gates and company might have released a .wmv viewer for the Mac OS that I haven't heard about).

Also, I'm putting up several videos that weren't up before, so that should be cool.

Over and out.


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Dun da dun dun...Dun da dun da---DONE!
There is now streaming video of Loaf, Ned & Tyrell 1 and as soon as it's uploaded-- Oh Cany (the original). I'll work on getting some other videos up tonight. I added all the photos and other media for the rest of the films except for Don Quijote and the last half of the Oh Cany Colorado scens (because Chris hasn't gotten them to me.) I also finished the Cast & Crew section, Photo Album and the Films section. In short, everything I can do is done (except for putting up a few more movies)...just so you know, they're not ALL going to go up on the server, even though I have all of them. The reason for this is because this is only a 350MB server, and a third of it is taken up already by the other three sites that are on it. Digital video files are really big, so I have to be picky and choosy about what gets put up.

To play the streaming movies that I have put up, you will need Real Player. This was not my choice. The server that this site is hosted on only supports Real G2 streaming protocol, and lacks the MMS protocol to stream superior Apple or Microsoft formats. (I would have preferred to use .wmv because it is the best format for the smallest amount of space...) Some of the very short/small videos which are so small that streaming would be stupid will be uploaded as .wmv files for you to download. Also, if you'd like to copy the .rm movies onto your hard drive, just access the /films directory and you can download the files rather than stream them. (Just go to I have no problem with people copying or sharing our copyrighted media, because the point is that we WANT PEOPLE TO WATCH THEM. So go ahead, put them on KaZaA or Gnutella or IRC...the more people that see Loaf or Ned & Tyrell, the better.

All right, as far as I'm concerned, this web site is DONE! Unless I decide to create some new sections, the only things left to do are things that I can't do because I don't have the resources available to me right now.

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The films section is kind of done
The preliminary version of the films section is done (until I get the rest of the media working the way I want it to.) So...what's left to be done? Streaming video...screen caps of Mike's Big Day, WV videos, Don Quijote, Army Men, etc. Nonmortals section has a lot of stuff missing, and I'll get it up when I can go home to find it and/or get it from Jeff. The Dartsmith section could use a little sprucing up, maybe. And the Cast & Crew section is missing some photos and a couple people here and there. Other than that, this site is pretty much done! Whooooooo!
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íholy guacamole!
Egads! This site is incredible! Way to be Peteberger! Nine thumbs up!
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Check out the Films Section now!
There still is not streaming video on the site....but the films section has been updated. There's finally actually something there, at least in the Loaf, Oh Cany and Ned & Tyrell section and the main Films listing. Sweet, eh? How sweet, you ask?....As sweet like a SNOW CONE! (Or maybe CANDY CORN, which I haven't had in quite some time.) I've been looking for a SNOW CONE or CANDY CORN all afternoon, and I can't really find any anywhere...maybe because I have been looking around an empty field instead of the supermarket, but maybe because there aren't any left in the world. I'm just rambling on and on about nothing here, so do yourself a favor and STOP READING THIS CRAP! NOW!
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The Cast & Crew Section is updated...
...but still not done. But watcha gonna do?
I'll finish it eventually, I suppose. Next up though, I gotta get the FILMS section rolling...which is the most important part of the site, right? You betcha.

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A little bird told me....
Click the "Links," "Contact Us," "Dartsmith..." and "Nonmortals" links to see minor updates. I'm working on getting all the cool Nonmortals tests up...but it's gonna be a pain to actually FIND the original files. HAIL MACDOUGAL!!!!
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Updates, updates, updates
Check out the new Photo Album link on the left--that took a lot of work to set up, but it came out really well. I also did some structural changes to the website to make it easier on me update...but you won't see any differences. It's a whole lot better, though, if you ask me. The menu links on the blog archive pages will have problems until I get that fixed though. It's coming together, all right. Allright. Over and out.
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Now that i'm perfect and all am i still ganna be in your mocumentary? Oh and when you do cast and crew lets not forget that i was special effects on the Loaf. YOu can't beat my flying bread. I'M PERFECT
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the movie
why is it that all the girls like tyrell...
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More me time... jeff and i started oh cany and this pete kid thinks he is now in control... whats up with that
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This Is Coming Together More and More Every Minute
Well, I did a bunch of little code updates here and there and started the big long process of actually ADDING CONTENT to this site. After I get the smaller boring other sections of the site up and running, I'll be working on the Films section, which is gonna ROCK...maybe... It will have (hopefully) STREAMING VIDEO of all Oh Cany Productions films, or at least most of the good ones, along with essential information about the cast/crew and making of each film. It should also feature screen captures of every movie and other cool stuff like that. I'll get to it eventually when I have more free time...
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I hear by declare that this website is to be beheaded for its breaking of the 4535 law, stating that no website should be made on a loaf of bread. Bread is to be eaten EATEN I SAy... no more of these shinanagins.. off with it's head NOW! I dare say that if my order is not followed through I will be head all in my court....argh! I'm so distraught where are my toenails clippers?!
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It's Finished! It's Working! Whooooo!
The blog is now up and fully operational...that means that any old shmuck can just log onto our website and fill out the form to the left there and post a new blog entry. This will allow the Oh Cany Productions people, me, our friends, our hordes of screaming fans and/or Tony Danza to just come to our site and automatically add a little comment or article about ... whatever ...
It should be cool. I hope it's cool. And I hope people use it. But if not...I don't care that much. I'm just rambling here. Go ahead and try it and get this crap off of the main page!

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Pete's Turtle Fable (Still testing the blog)
I once saw a turtle cross the road. It was slow, sure, and wasn't really all that attractive, but by god, it was determined. It crept slowly and surely, always keeping its eye on that distant goal--the other side of the road, where the grass was greener, the sun was brighter and the air smelled like warm root beer. Yeah, that turtle sure kept at it, plodding along as fast as its little legs could carry it, with a look of sheer determination in his eye. And then, when he was almost there, the turtle stopped to look back at how far he'd come, how much he'd accomplished. As he looked back, a tear welled up in his eye and he thought "Look what I've done -- I, a lowly turtle have achieved so much." Proudly, the turtle turned back to finish its journey, now almost complete, when an eighteen wheeler came barreling down the highway, instantly crushing the turtle then proceeding to roll over it eight more times with each of the remaining wheels on that side of the truck. Yes, the turtle died that day, but in doing so set an example for all the other turtles out there who ever had dreams of crossing that wide, perilous highway--if something looks impossible to do, it probably is. Don't try something that looks difficult or has never been done before, because you're probably not going to succeed. In fact, don't even think about trying. You'll fail miserably, you worthless piece of scum.
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The blog script is almost working and done! Yay!
I'm making progress...the end is near! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I think it's the exit--not a train coming head on to kill me. Wooohooo! Yeah...but anyway, I'm pretty close to perfecting the script so I'll be all happy and such. Then after that, there's simply the matter of adding CONTENT to the site. All the links are broken still, if you haven't noticed. Well, you haven't noticed because the only one that's seen this site is me and the people that have come into my dorm room while I've been typing away and swearing up a storm when things don't work. Oy vey. Anyway...
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A six is a six is a six is a six is a six...
A six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six
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This is the first testing of the Oh Cany Blog script setup
Welcome to the Oh Cany Blog! This is going to be set up so any old anonymous user can just fill out a form to automatically add content to the Oh Cany Blog on the right side of the main page (and eventually, the Blog Archive)! It will be a pretty cool feature, but it will take a lot of work to implement. (A LOT of work.) Hopefully some bastard hackers won't attempt to do anything to ruin the party either.

Making this script work is gonna be a bitch. I've already been working on it for a couple hours...and it's having a lot of problems. But soon! Soon enough! It will ROCK YOUR WORLD!

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