Blog Archive: October 2004
Happy Halloween! (Updates Coming Soon!)
It's Halloween today, and this site hasn't been updated in over two months. I thought I'd drop by and let everyone know that I will soon be adding the mock Camp Barton "promotional film" that Oh Cany produced over the summer. There have been a few requests for it. Also, Chris and I recently created a short commercial under the Oh Cany name for a product called "Safe Light" for Chris's Economics class. It was absolutely terrible. I don't think you'll be seeing that one up on this website anytime soon. In case you're wondering, it's on caliber with other Oh Cany classics like "Godfather Will" and "Minnesota Campers" (i.e. suckity suckity suck suck suck).

As for "Soil Erosion", I haven't touched that project since August... but maybe I'll start editing it over Thanksgiving Break (if I don't end up going to Florida to help my friends shoot a documentary on alligators). Don't worry, we haven't forgetton about it. We'll probably end up finishing it over Winter Break.

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