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Sign the friggin guestbook!
All cool people sign the guestbook when they visit this site. You can't be cool if you don't sign the guestbook. And if you're not cool, you probably shouldn't be visiting this site. So....over on the left there...see it? Click the link that says "Guestbook" and get a-signing!
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Happy N*I*N*E Day!!!
It's December ninth! And what does that mean? IT'S N*I*N*E DAY!!! so Happy N*I*N*E day to Vit F, aRg, and beloved piN!!!
and "Just to let you know"... we are unelimidatable! A little bit debatable... and if you can not pay in full, then you'll pay in chest (or check)!!!
Who loves Tiffy? N*I*N*E loves Tiffy!

HAAAAAAPPY N*I*N*E DAY To all and to all a good night!

Posted By Tiffy on 09 Dec 2003 00:19:52 EST | Permalink
Ya know, I haven't played BINGO in years....
But I'm definitely contemplating doing it again soon. I mean, all the old people like it...and I'm old, I I should like it, right? No? Hmm.......I think I'll go back to bed.
Posted By Pete on 09 Dec 2003 00:08:03 EST | Permalink

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