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Updates on the "Soil Erosion" Mockumentary
Jeff and I began editing the soil erosion mockumentary a few days ago. So far we have cut most of the scene starring Charlie Bilbrey as a crazed Vietnam veteran as well as some of the long Strawberry Festival segment. Though we are already editing and have nearly four hours of footage, we are far from finished with the shooting of this movie. We've got segments with all sorts of different characters (you can see them in the "Upcoming Films" section) -- but currently we're missing the scenes that will tie everything all together and actually tell a story. We intend to shoot many of these scenes over winter break, but chances are we will still be shooting at the end of next semester in May. We'll keep you posted on the progress. Actually, I'm thinking of editing together a short teaser trailer with some of the stuff we've got so far for all of you loyal <i>Oh Canadians</i> out there... so make sure you keep checking back!
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Several New Films Added!
I added a bunch of videos we made during the last year to this site today. They include the Camp Barton Promotional film we made over the summer (which is actually pretty good), Chris' "Safe Light" video that he made for his economics class (which is actually pretty bad), and a whole bunch of short videos that I made this past semester. You can find the Barton Promo and the Safe Light commercial in the Miscellaneous section, and my videos in the Pete's Stuff section. Enjoy!
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