Blog Archive: December 2005
Unicorn Boy, The Dirty Dozen and more!
Major additions to the Pete's Stuff section today! First of all, I've put up the link to the first episode of my cartoon show, Unicorn Boy. I also put up an episode of the live studio show I direct every week, The Screening Room. There's also the forty-one minute long documentary I made this semester called "The Dirty Dozen: Proud To Bear The Flag." It follows an obsessive (and humorous) intramural flag football team over the course of their five-game season. Finally, I've added three other (very crappy) videos that I made Freshman year in my studio production classes, and the thirteen minute pilot video for my documentary project on Hate Radio. That's, like, two and a half hours of *quality* viewing right there. You should totally check some of it out.
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