Blog Archive: April 2005
Oh Cany is #1 Search Result For "Ooh Mau Mau"
It's been a long and valient fight, but we've finally succeeded: Oh Cany Productions is now the #1 Google search result for the phrase "Ooh Mau Mau." Not only that -- Oh Cany also is #1 for "Ooh Mau," "Boppa Ooh Mau" and "Mau Mau Boppa". In fact, just about any combination of of "Ooh," "Mau" and "Boppa" will bring us up in the #1 spot. This is a spectacular day indeed! Oh Cany Productions will be arranging an "Ooh Mau Mau" celebration party in the coming weeks for this great accomplishment.
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