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Nonmortals Tests Are Up!
Updates, updates, updates... There have been quite a few of them lately. The newest one involved updating the Nonmortals section. Now all five tests are up to view at your leisure. I'm thinking of putting a whole bunch of other random Nonmortals documents that we've made over the years up too. We'll see. Until then...Enjoy!
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More New Stuff Already
I have added a few new things: (1) a new Upcoming Films section, (2) The "Crappy Gangster Scene" we shot in January, (3) The "Pete's Stuff" heading under films where I put this little video I made in college...just because Chris likes it so much. The Upcoming Films section has screenshots of our newest project: the currently-untitled Soil Erosion Mockumentary, so that should be interesting to somebody. Eventually, I'm going to finish the Nonmortals section and add more stuff that I've made to the Pete's Stuff films section, such as the documentary pilot I made last semester, Hate Radio: Infesting The Airwaves and a few other class projects. Enjoy!
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Updates come once in a blue moon
For the first time in about six months, the Oh Cany Productions site has been UPDATED! I have added several new movies to the site, including Dolique and some Stop Motion animations I did last year. Check those out under the Films Menu on the left. More new stuff may be coming soon, you never know!
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