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"Soil Erosion" Progress
New scenes have been shot this summer for the upcoming Soil Erosion Mockumentary. Firstly, at Owego's Strawberry Festival in June, we shot several key scenes, including an interview with a clown making balloon sculptures, a big-time soil eroding jerk selling Sand Art to little kids (does he even understand the environmental impact!?!?), a brief interview with Owego Fire Chief Joe Hopkins, an aggressive interview with Riverow Bookshop about why they had no soil erosion books in stock. We also interviewed random old men that looked funny, a Jazz/Blues group and more. Oh, and there were a lot of tractors too...they cause soil erosion, right?

Then, last week in Washington D.C., we were able to break into the White House and tried to storm the Oval Office... but the door was locked and the security guards stopped us. We have video footage to prove it. We also shot at some other attractions in Washington, like Lincoln Memorial, the Korean and Vietnam War Memorials, Washington Monument and the Smithsonian. Unfortunately, some bitch named Suzanne wouldn't let us go to the Federal Department of Environmental Conservation building. For some reason, that wasn't part of the bus tour, but a shitty little gift shop was.

Not only are politicians ignoring the soil erosion plague, but so are tour bus companies. The world is going down the drain, folks!

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