Blog Archive: September 2005
Hey Pete,
when are you going to up to update the web site for all the movies we've been in? It looks like I haven't been in any movies or helped with any movies since 2001.

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We've Moved...and Other Updates
Oh Cany Productions has now officially switched from my parents' Thunderbird Atlatl server to my own hosting package. That means, basically, that we're no longer mooching, and also that I have complete control over everything that happens here now. (Mwahah!) From what I can tell, everything is up and running again, like normal. Please update your links and bookmarks so that they point to:

I have also migrated another website, Nuclear Monkey, to this server.

Additionally, I've done some minor updates to this site. The Pete's Stuff section has been updated with information about the TV shows and other projects I've worked on in the past few years. And now when you click the "Full Text" link on the blog entries, it will come up in a convenient (or inconvenient) pop-up window. I think it works better that way.

Otherwise, it's the same old Oh Cany Productions that you know and love!

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