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Film Credits:
Psychology Today (2001)
Oh Cany (2001)
Oh Cany Colorado Scenes (2002)
Ned & Tyrell (2002)
Ned & Tyrell 2 (2002)
Dog Date (2002)
Don Quijote (2002)
Loaf (2003)
Physics Trebuchet Video (2003)
Army Men Stop Motion (2003)
Significant Roles:
Director (Psychology Today)
Director (Oh Cany)
Director (Oh Cany Colorado Scenes)
Cameraman (Ned & Tyrell)
Director (Ned & Tyrell 2)
Cameraman (Dog Date)
Director / Cameraman (Don Quijote)
Chief / Announcer / Director (Loaf)
Dancer / Cameraman (Physics Trebuchet)
Animator / Camera (Army Men Stop Motion)

Biography: Chris is a founding member of Oh Cany Productions who was also the sole owner of the camera we used for the first half of our movies, and the technical expertise and director behind that camcorder. He rarely appears on screen because he's always heading the crew on all of our films. Chris is still attending Owego Free Academy.

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