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Pete's Demo Reel:

Here is a compilation of clips from my best video work. You can see my portfolio and resume at my website, PeteBerg.net.

Short Videos By Pete:

"The Hold Up"
Original Version (9:12/17.2MB)  |  Shortened Version (7:36/14MB)
"24" Style Intro (1:19/2.31MB)  |  35-Second Version (:35/1.19MB)


Motion Graphics & Animation Demo Reel

"The Strange Ones"


"The Great Green Shark Attack"

"The Colonization of Saturn"


American Beauty "Bedroom Scene" Recreation

Why Ithaca? Contest Entry


"i Eye I" Editing Exercise

Deaf-Con 5: Aural Defense Earplugs Commercial


"Amy" Roll-In Package

"Walking On Broken Glass" Music Video


Recycling Video (Project 4 Toss)

"The Exchange" Gangster Scene


The World Series of Silly Walking



Sab-to-the-Rina Opening

Sab-to-the-Rina Musical Guest Profile Package


"The Fall of the King"

"The Piano Man"


Quick-Change Artist Interview

"The Sad Tree"


"Clown Chase"
Clown Chase (2:53/256Kbps/5.5MB)
Alternative Ending (2:32/256Kbps/4.83MB)
Eric's Cut (2:13/256Kbps/4.21MB)

"IC Switch Commercial"


"The Dirty Dozen: Proud To Bear The Flag"

"AWAKE Domestic Violence P.S.A."


"Bugged Out"

"The Evil Clown of Ithaca"


Ithaca College Television Shows:

The Race
(Producer / Director / Lead Editor)

The Race is a reality show that follows teams of two in a race across New York State! Along the way, contestants must complete challenges and navigate through New York's most scenic locales, while facing cutthroat competition from other teams. Think "The Amazing Race"...but with many new twists.

I produced two seasons of this for ICTV my senior year, and devoted over a year to the project. It was incredibly ambitious and required crews of 50 (season 1) and 70 (season 2) -- but it ended up being a huge success. Check out all the press and awards we received. Without a doubt my greatest achievement at Ithaca College! (Fall 2006 - Spring 2007)
The Race
Episode 101
Episode 102
Episode 103
Episode 104
The Race 2
Episode 201
Episode 202
Episode 203
Episode 204
Episode 205A
Episode 205B

If It Floats
(Creator / Producer / Director)

If It Floats is comedy that follows the dysfunctional staff of a high-power public relations firm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Anderson and Anderson and Anderson firm has recently lost its major client, the Keds shoe corporation. I created and produced If It Floats with three of my buddies during my senior year at IC. (Spring 2007)

Episode 1 (34:00)
Bonus Episode (29:00)

Unicorn Boy
(Creator / Producer / Director / Writer / Animator)

A cartoon starring a boy who was born with a horn growing out of his head. It features a cast of awkward middle school nerds who are always getting into bizarre situations. This is the first-ever entirely-animated show on ICTV, and will almost certainly rock your socks off. I created and produce Unicorn Boy with my good friend and roommate Mike Wechsler. (Fall 2005 - Fall 2006)
Episode 1: Dolphin (26:17)


Better Safe Than
(Director / Director of Photography)

Better Safe Than is a mockumentary series that follows the lives of 5 Student Safety Patrollers at the illustrious State University. From their morning meetings to their personal lives to their nighttime rounds as safety patrollers, you'll get an up close look at State U's finest. It's basically Reno 911 with students, and it's pretty funny. I shot and co-directed Better Safe Than in the Fall of my junior year. (Fall 2005)

Episode 1 (29:30)

These Are The News
(Director / Director of Photography)

A mockumentary series set behind the scenes at a local news station. Think The Office meets Anchorman. I co-directed and shot both half-hour episodes of this show. You can view them in their entirety on ICTV.org - just click the links below. (Spring 2005)
Episode 1: Who's The Boss? (29:30)
Episode 2: Cheers (28:30)


The Solarium With Professor Smedley Drake
(Director of Photography)

An award-winning sketch comedy show which I was the Director of Photography for. The Solarium features a wide variety of comedy sketches, connected together in a stream-of-consciousness style. This show won the 2005 College Broadcasters' Institute award for Best Student-Produced Comedy, a PEGASYS award for "Best Cable Access", a Just Desserts award for Best New Show on ICTV. You can see all three episodes on ICTV.org. (Fall 2004 - Spring 2005)
Episode 1: Religion (29:30)
Episode 2: Racism (29:30)
Episode 3: Loss (29:30)

The Screening Room

A movie reviews / entertainment news show which airs live every week on ICTV. We produce ten to thirteen half-hour episodes per semester, plus several hour-long specials including a Summer movies preview, an Oscar special and a Holiday movies wrap-up. I have worked on this show from freshman through senior year at Ithaca College, and worked as the Director, Technical Director, Audio Operator, Lighting, Tape Operator and a Camera operator. (Spring 2004 - Spring 2007)
Fall 2005, Episode 13 (24:55)


Other ICTV Shows

This Week Tonight A fake news show, that morphed into a mockumentary-style dramedy. I had my own segment, called "Tip of the Berg." (Writer / On-Air Talent - Fall 2006 & Spring 2007)

Entertainment 16 - An entertainment news show, similar to ET or Access Hollywood. (Technical Director - Spring 2007)

D.P. Show - A phenomenal sketch comedy series. (Consultation / Audio Recorder - Fall 2006 & Spring 2007)

TSR: Previews A spin-off of The Screening Room, featuring movie previews. (Tech. Support - Fall 2006)

One Meal Makeover - A reality / cooking show where crappy cooks are taught how to cook one tasty meal. (Camera Operator / Video Technician - Spring 2004)

College Feud - A college version of the hit gameshow Family Feud. (Lighting / Production Assistant - Spring 2004)

Quabble - An improv comedy show similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Production Assistant / Writer - Fall 2003)

Live On tape - A late-night talk and variety show. (Production Assistant - Fall 2003)

Other Stuff:

Log In Productions Documentaries

Over the summer of 2005, I interned at Log In Productions, a small independent documentary studio outside of Ithaca, NY. I became heavily involved in the editing of several documentaries, including:

Portraits of Emotion - Fly-on-the-wall documentary Following an autistic teenager who draws beautiful portraits and paintings. (Storyboarded plot structure / Edited many scenes / Created 2:00 rough cut of final film)

The Legacy of Jedwabne - Tells the story of a pogrom in the small Polish town of Jedwabne in 1941, where Jews were murdered not by Nazis, but by their Polish neighbors. (Edit International version / edit 56:40 version down from 72min version)

Borderline - A borderline mentally retarded woman is wrongly convicted of murdering a 3-year-old girl that she was babysitting. (Final touches / edited 56:40 version down from 72min version)

Eco-Village (working title) - Follows the Ithaca Eco-Village, a community of environmentalists (hippies) that have created their own environmentally-friendly town. (Logged 40 hours of footage)

"Hate Radio: Infesting The Airwaves"

A documentary film that I started in Documentary Research class in the Spring of my Freshman year at Ithaca College. Over the course of the semester, we interviewed people from all sides of the issue of "hate" programming on shortwave radio in the United States: radio hosts, station owners, media watchdogs / lobbyists, journalists, free speech advocates, listeners of "hate" programming and more. We shot 30+ hours of footage and created a 13-minute pilot. We were judged the best documentary of the semester at our final presentation. I hope to finish this film sometime in the future.

"Hate Radio" Pilot (13:00/512kbps/48.6MB)

Sweatpants Boner

In the spring of 2007, some friends from Ithaca College and I started a new sketch video group called Sweatpants Boner. We've produced a few comedy shorts, which you can check out on our website:


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