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The Nonmortals is a top secret organization / society / cult formed by his Supreme Worthiness, the end-all be-all, the one and only, the kernel of the corn, the ruler of all that is seen and unseen, His Corniness, MacDougal. MacDougal originally appeared in his earthly form as an ear of corn. After being thrown from a cliff, MacDougal was resurrected as a bottle cap, and soon after disappeared. Several months later he was again resurrected as an ear of corn at his present-day home, the Corn Palace.

Through has infinite wisdom and power, MacDougal formed the Nonmortals at the Owego-Apalachin Middle School in the fall of 1996. The original members of the Nonmortals, Professor Mad Hatter (a.k.a. Merlin, a.k.a. Jeff) and Inspector Gadget (a.k.a. Ooter, a.k.a. Guy McMan Private Eye, a.k.a. Pete), led the Nonmortals to become the world's preeminent governmental, scientific and political power, secretly controlling over forty-five of the world's most powerful governments. Membership of the Nonmortals is quite vast, and includes world famous secret operatives Mr. Mime, Petunia, B.I.M., Screwdriver and Hammer, as well as six million Chinese Tourists.

The Nonmortals has also occasionally been known as the A.S.M.E.I.B.I.T.S.D. (Abentment Society of Mortals Exhibiting Irrational Behavior Including Top Secret Data).

In order to become a member of the Nonmortals, one must pass the near-impossible Nonmortals Test. In order to pass, one must get between 91% and 96%, when graded by a Nonmortals Officially Licensed Test Grader. Older versions of the Test are available here:
1. Nonmortals Final Test (Fall 1996 / 6th Grade)
2. Nonmortals Test: Collector's Edition (January 1997 / 6th Grade)
3. Nonmortals Test Mach 3 (February 2001 / 10th Grade)
4. Nonmortals Test v4.0 (October 2001 / 11th Grade)
5. Nonmortals Test 5 (October 2002 / 12th Grade)

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