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Internet Video Power Hour
Drink to the Internet! Sixty one minute clips from the most famous viral videos on the web. Includes favorites like Star Wars Kid, the Numa Numa guy, Xiao Xiao, Back Dorm Boys, G.I. Joe PSAs and more. Flash, DVD and Divx versions available. (January 2007)
Internet Video Power Hour version 2.0
The sequel to the wildly popular Internet Video Power Hour! Version 2.0 features sixty all-new videos, courtesy of the Information Superhighway. Highlights "Series of Tubes", Winnebago Man, Average Homeboy, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and Charlie The Unicorn. (March 2007)
Deleted Clips from v2.0
Internet Video Power Hour v2.0 had a tough selection process, and only 60 videos made the cut out of the 150 or so that I gathered together. These FORTY bonus videos are my favorites out of the ones that were left out of version 2.0. (March 2007)

TV Commercial Power Hour
A video power hour made up of TV commercials! It includes some very famous commercials, funny retro ads, foreign ads, and MANY local commercials that are laughably terrible. By the end of the hour, you should be quite drunk...and also want to go out and buy stuff. (June 2007)
TV Commercial Power Hour Vol. 2
Sixty more minutes of the most ridiculous local ads, infomercials and wonder products ever to grace your television set! This second TV Commercial Power Hour has everything from the best Superbowl ads to the worst local spots you've ever seen. (December 2008)

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