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Film Credits:
Psychology Today (2001)
Oh Cany (2001)
Madrid (2002)
Oh Cany Colorado Scenes (2002)
Ned & Tyrell (2002)
Ned & Tyrell 2 (2002)
Dog Date (2002)
Don Quijote (2002)
Loaf (2003)
Godfather Will (2003)
Moe's Commercial (2003)
Physics Trebuchet Video (2003)
Minnesota Campers (2003)
Newspaper Explosion (2003)
WV Stop Motion (2003)
Russian Spies (2003)
Dolique (2003)
Significant Roles:
Erik Erikson / Daughter / Nixon (Psychology Today)
Ally Oop / Kentucky Redneck (Oh Cany)
Juan Sanchez / Weather Man / Art Museum Guide / La Duquesa de Alba / Bull Fighter / Announcer / Puppeteer / Iron Chef / Street Vendor / more (Madrid)
Ally Oop / Ogre / more (Oh Cany Colorado Scenes)
Ned (Ned & Tyrell)
Ned (Ned & Tyrell 2)
Voices (Dog Date)
Host (Don Quijote)
Newscaster / EMT / New Sidekick / Professor Montezero / Knife Woman / All Random Killing People / Camera / more (Loaf)
Director (Godfather Will)
Moe (Moe's Commercial)
Dancer / Host / Trebuchet Expert / Barbarian (Physics Trebuchet)
Norm (Minnesota Campers)
Animator (WV Stop Motion)
Voices (Newspaper Explosion)
Head Spy w/Unpronounceable Name (Russian Spies)
Man With Hat (Dolique)

Biography: Jeff is the star of all of our movies because he's so good at improv and so good at character acting. He is also always the head costume guy and helps with behind-the-scenes production too, in all our movies... He also like to cross dress, or so it seems, judging by all the characters he's played in our films. He's now studying Elementary Education at SUNY Geneseo.

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