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Mookie's Credits
Dog Date (2002)
Loaf (2003)
Mookie's Bio: Mookie is Chris and Colleen's dog, who was nice enough to sit still for us on several different occasions while we dressed him up in costumes (and even in drag costumes) for humorous effect. At least we thought it was funny...I guess we were making fun of those freaky old ladies that dress up their pets and take pictures because they actually think that it is cute. (FREAKS!)

Richard Nixon's Credits
Psychology Today (2001)
Oh Cany (2001-2002)
Nixon's Bio: Former U.S. President Richard Nixon was kind enough to give up some time from his busy schedule to appear in our ghetto student films, two times! Yes, it's really Nixon in those screenshots--Trust me. Anyway, when Nixon tried to steal our Psychology Today video, we really showed him who's boss...and then he was kind enough to become the premise of our next film, Oh Cany.

Uncle Al's Credits
Godfather Will (2003)
Al's Bio: Jeff's Uncle Al is a cool, charismatic guy that we thought would be the perfect Godfather, given what we had to work with, for Venture Crew 38's Mafia Family game. So we gave him the gangster slang-filled will to read, and he did it. Yay!

Paul Weigel's Credits
Dog Date (2002)
Army Men Stop Motion (2003)
Paul's Bio: Paul is a German exchange student who stayed with Pete's family from August 2002 to July 2003, and helped out Oh Cany Productions with couple projects. He's a really nice guy and pretty smart and creative too! Though Paul's back in Germany, he's still a part of Oh Cany Productions.

Clara Berg's Credits
Yakety Yak (2003)
Clara's Bio: A few days after Pete got his new digital camcorder and some PC editing software, he was eager to test it out, so he taped his sister to jumping on the trampoline in his backyard to edit together as a music video to The Coasters' Yakety Yak. Clara jumped around for about fifteen minutes while Pete got the shots he needed to make a really crappy first try at a music video...Thanks, sis!

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