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Christi Finnessey's Credits
Newspaper Explosion (2003)
Stop Motion (2003)
Russian Spies (2003)
Christi's Bio: Christi was the co-star of our Russian Spies secret mission film, and helped out enormously with the animation type stuff we did in West Virginia. In fact, she is the pencil-operator in the Newspaper Explosion film, and the head goldfish-mover of one of our two stop motion films. What an impressive résumé!

Julie Lemmon's Credits
Newspaper Explosion (2003)
Stop Motion (2003)
Russian Spies (2003)
Julie's Bio: Julie has been a long time fan of Oh Cany productions, and when she went with us on the West Virginia trip, she helped out with several of the films we made there. In fact the Newspaper Explosion bit was actually her idea. Whooooo!

Maegen Eddinger's Credits
None really...
Maegen's Bio: Maegen hasn't really been involved in Oh Cany Productions, but she has seen many of the movies. Also, she made various tapes around OFA with her digital camcorder featuring Pete, Jeff and other Oh Canyers...such as a few mock informercials and a dating service video that we'd rather forget! She also runs the N*I*N*E website. Thanks, Maegan! Oh yeah, and her personal website is right here.

Colleen Gilfillan

Colleen is a member of N*I*N*E, but she also has her own credits page, right here.

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