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Owego Free Academy

Stephanie Morrison's Credits
Psychology Today (2001)
Stephanie's Bio: Stephanie was in the very first Oh Cany Production, and did a very good job. Her part is very funny, especially during the end fight against Richard Nixon..."Hey! You can't take that! That's our English Project!!!!"

Sara Chobot's Credits
Oh Cany Colorado Scenes (2002)
Don Quijote Project (2002)
Sara's Bio: Sara is one really nice girl, and did a great job in the Don Quijote project, playing a lot of different roles, from Sancho Panza to perfume model. She also was the neck pillow guy's daughter in Oh Cany, which she played admirably. All right, Sara!

Stacey Stuart's Credits
Ned & Tyrell 2 (2002)
Stacey's Bio: Stacey is a hilarious girl who we roped into our overly-planned sequel to Ned & Tyrell, where she plays a guest at the rich/aristocratic party. And she thinks Ned & Tyrell are "kind of cute," which is wonderful!

Pete Morrison's Credits
Ned & Tyrell 2 (2002)
Pete's Bio: Pete helped us out with the sequel of Ned & Tyrell where we wore a turban and pretended to be a Muslim guy for Tyrell and Ned to do some target practice on. "In the name of Allah--what are you doing here!?"

Sarah Taylor's Credits
Don Quijote Project (2002)
Sarah's Bio: Sarah plays Don Quijote in the Don Quijote project, and has the best Spanish pronunciation and accent I've ever heard in a high school Spanish class video. Cool beans, eh?

Chris Lohmeyer's Credits
Don Quijote Project (2002)
Chris' Bio: Chris assumes several roles in the Don Quijote project, including that of a Chia Head that instantly grows beautiful folliage, like magic! How wonderful!

Jacob Bridge's Credits
Moe's Commercial (2003)
Jacob's Bio: Jake acts as the Surgeon General's announcer and a camera man for the three-man effort that is the Moe's candy bar Commercial. And I think that Jake's little logo thing to the left is the best yet, so three cheers for Jake!

Scott Madsen's Credits
Moe's Commercial (2003)
Scott's Bio: Scott acts as a victim of the 100% RK of Moe's Candy and a starving guy in the Moe's Commercial. He also ran the camera...oooh, ahhh, special!
Mike Hopkins
Mike Hopkins' Credits
Crappy Gangster Scene (2004)
Scott's Bio: Mike is a cool dude who has wanted to be in our movies for a long time, but for some reason he's never around when we're making them. Eventually, he's gonna be in more movies. By Oh Cany standards, he's a great actor. But for now he's just been in that Crappy Gangster Scene.

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