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Film Credits:
Psychology Today (2001)
Oh Cany (2001)
Madrid (2002)
Oh Cany Colorado Scenes (2002)
Ned & Tyrell (2002)
Ned & Tyrell 2 (2002)
Dog Date (2002)
Don Quijote (2002)
Loaf (2003)
Godfather Will (2003)
Physics Trebuchet Video (2003)
Army Men Stop Motion (2003)
Minnesota Campers (2003)
Newspaper Explosion (2003)
WV Stop Motion (2003)
Pool Noodle Mockumentary (2003)
Russian Spies (2003)
Stop Motion
Significant Roles:
Pirate / Nixon (Psychology Today)
Kentucky Redneck (Oh Cany)
Host / Map Guy (Madrid)
Neck Pillow Guy / Announcer / Raincoat Guy / Rapper / Yodeler / Elephant / more (Oh Cany Colorado Scenes)
Tyrell (Ned & Tyrell)
Tyrell (Ned & Tyrell 2)
Production Assistant (Dog Date)
Beaver / Don QUijote / Sancho Panza / Mean Old Man / Brutish Man / more (Don Quijote)
Detective McManus / Woman Victim (Loaf)
Assassin (Godfather Will)
Fiddle Player / Scottish Guy / Barbarian (Physics Trebuchet)
Director / Animator (Army Men Stop Motion)
Virgil (Minnesota Campers)
Director / Camera (WV Stop Motion)
Director (Newspaper Explosion)
Director (Pool Noodle Mockumentary)
Boris (Russian Spies)
Director / Editor (Dolique)
Director / Animator (Stop Motion)

Biography: Pete has been involved with just about every Oh Cany Production, from the start, and is the guy who made this site. He is studying Television-Radio at Ithaca College.

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