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Troop / Crew 38

Phil Stoltzfus' Credits

Oh Cany Colorado Scenes (2002)

Phil's Bio: Phil helped us out with several scenes of Oh Cany on the Colorado trip. He played the mounty stunt double (he just wanted to be a mounty) and also the ogre in the Pikes' Peak scene. He also helped with many other scenes on the trip, which is really great. Phil is a pretty cool guy, after all.

Tyler Stoltzfus' Credits

Oh Cany Colorado Scenes (2002)
Ned & Tyrell (2002)
Pool Noodle Mockumentary (2003)

Tyler's Bio: Tyler Stoltzfus lent us his BB guns and hunting attire for Ned & Tyrell and his visor for scenes of Oh Cany, and even did a short cameo as a rapper during Oh Cany. Tyler was also on the West Virginia trip and went psychopathic over the pool noodle while Pete filmed his mockumentary.

Graeme Nichols' Credits

Newspaper Explosion (2003)
WV Stop Motion (2003)
Pool Noodle Mockumentary (2003)
Russian Spies (2003)

Graeme's Bio: Graeme is a really funny kid who helped us out with some of our animation type stuff in West Virginia before he became the star of the show in our Russian Spies film, acting as the mute on-screen technical crew for the production, who just carried around the tripod. He really stole the show, especially with his funny facial expressions.

Caleb Simerson's Credits

Oh Cany Colorado Scenes (2002)
Ned & Tyrell (2002)
Pool Noodle Mockumentary (2003)

Caleb's Bio: Caleb always seems to be around whenever we're shooting a scene, and is always eager to take part in them. Unfortunately, he also screws everything up almost every time he tries to take part. Nevertheless, he really enhanced Ned & Tyrell, especially since he had no idea what was going on and played along with us.
Other People with minor parts:

Alex MacDonald
(WV Stop Motion, Newspaper Explosion & Pool Noodle Mockumentary)


Eric Stoel
(Pool Noodle Mockumentary, Newspaper Explosion, WV Stop Motion)

Aaron Wright
(WV Stop Motion & Pool Noodle Mockumentary)


Marty McGuane
(Pool Noodle Mockumentary)

Brianne Bilbrey
(Pool Noodle Mockumentary)


Josh Morse
(WV Stop Motion)


Sean Wright-Davis
(Pool Noodle Mockumentary)


Mikey Carlson
(Pool Noodle Mockumentary, Russian Spies)

Roy Andrews
(Oh Cany Colorado Scenes)


Andy Goodwin
(Pool Noodle Mockumentary)

Paul Cornelius
(Newspaper Explosion, WV Stop Motion, Pool Noodle Mockumentary, Russian Spies)


John Engelbert
(Oh Cany Colorado Scenes)

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