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Ahhhhh, the Internet! Where would we be without you?

This is a video power hour made up of one minute clips from Internet viral videos and flash animations. The rules are simple: Every time the video switches, drink!

It includes a wide range of different types of videos from the different "eras" of Internet video: the Flash animation days, the eBaumsWorld / comedy video site days, and the YouTube / Google Videos trend of today. I tried to include the most famous and significant videos of all time, along with a few of my favorites.

Download The Power Hour

This video is available in several different formats. If you just want to watch it online, use the Google Video viewer above, or click the link below (You can also download a Video iPod / Sony PSP version from the Google Video website). Additionally, there is a high quality DVD version and a DIVX version, available through bit torrent. Finally, there is a direct download WMV version -- but I ask that you don't download that unless it's absolutley necessary. (Help me save bandwidth!)

Google Video (View online) Link
DVD Version - 3.04 GB
Download torrent
DIVX Version - 468 MB
Download torrent
Video iPod / Sony PSP Download from Google Video
WMV Version - 228 MB
Direct download

Videos In The Power Hour

1. Numa Numa
2. G.I. Joe PSAs
3. Ultra Violence
4. Robot Dance - Kollaboration 2001
5. Bubb Rubb
6. Aicha
7. Farting Preacher
8. Grape Stomping
9. All Your Base Are Belong To Us
10. N64 Kid
11. Shining Trailer
12. Back Dorm Boys
13. Leroy Jenkins
14. Ding Fries Are Done
15. HomeFront PSAs
16. Hyakugojyuuichi!
17. Just Two Guys
18. Ipecac
19. Weeeeee! (Gonads and Strife)
20. Xiao Xiao No. 3
21. Guy Yells At Cats
22. Tunak
23. Wizards of Winter (Christmas Lights)
24. Laughing Baby
25. He-Man Disco
26. Human Space Invaders
27. "Closer" Music Video w/ Spock & Kirk
28. Ellen Feiss Apple Switch Ads
29. Matrix Ping Pong
30. Hampster Dance
31. Mario 3 Speedrun
32. OK Go on Treadmills
33. Trickshot (Pool shots)
34. Real Life Simpsons Intro
35. Badger Badger
36. Lonelygirl15
37. Pokémon Theme
38. 155 T-Shirts
39. Worst Burglar Ever
40. Evolution of Beauty
41. Pwned Montage
42. Nintendo Cartoon Hour
43. Sunday Bloody Sunday (George W. Bush)
44. Rube Goldberg Honda Commercial
45. Steve Ballmer Sells Windows 1.0
46. Britney Spears Stoned
47. Brokeback to the Future
48. Funny Cat Clips
49. Angry German Kid
50. Evolution of Dance
51. Parkour Chase Scene
52. Gun Recoils!
53. Poodle Fitness
54. This Land is Your Land (JibJab)
55. Star Wars Kid
56. Dia Beetis
57. Stealth Disco
58. One Picture A Day Montages
59. Indian Thriller
60. Shoes (full version - grand finale!)

(If you want to see any of these videos in their entirety, search for them on YouTube or Google Videos!)

Compiled By

Pete Berg
January 2007

Copyright © Oh Cany Productions, All Rights Reserved.