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The first Internet Video Power Hour was such a hit that I decided to make a sequel! Version 2.0 features sixty more one minute clips from viral videos and flash animations. Every time the video switches, drink!

This power hour was quite a bit tougher to make than the first one, since I already used all the most famous Internet videos in version 1. Video clips went through a tough selection process: they had to be popular (famous or influential videos have a huge edge); videos had to originate on the web, or must have gotten famous because of the Internet (so TV or movie clips unless they've been remixed or become a web phenomenon); I wanted a diverse collection of videos from all different corners of the Internet; and all the videos of course have to be downright entertaining or funny. I scoured the 'net high and low, and found well over 150 possible videos -- and the top 60 made it. Forty other DELETED VIDEOS that didn't make the power hour are available below as a Bonus.

Download Internet Video Power Hour v2.0

This video is available in several different formats. If you just want to watch it online, use the Google Video viewer above, or click the link below (You can also download a Video iPod / Sony PSP version from the Google Video website). Additionally, there is a high quality DVD version and a DIVX version, available through bit torrent. Finally, there is a direct download WMV version.

Google Video (View online) Link
DVD Version - 4.19 GB
Download torrent
DIVX Version - 856 MB
Download torrent
Video iPod / Sony PSP Download from Google Video
WMV Version - 237 MB
Direct download

Download the Deleted Clips

BONUS: Forty more one-minute clips!

Google Video (View online) Link
DVD Version - 4.19 GB
Download torrent
DIVX Version - 856 MB
Download torrent
Video iPod / Sony PSP Download from Google Video
WMV Version - 156 MB
Direct download

Videos In The Power Hour

In The Power Hour:

1. Series of Tubes
2. Average Homeboy
3. They're Taking The Hobbits to Isengard
4. Will It Blend?
5. Late To Work
6. Leprechaun News Report
7. I Will Survive (Jesus)
8. JerryC Canon Rock
9. Lecture Hall Musical ("Reach!")
10. Charlie The Unicorn
11. Dancing Baby
12. Spiders on Drugs
13. Hand Star Wars
14. Little Superstar
15. Boom Goes The Dynamite
16. Mario Live
17. Treat Your Mother Right
18. The End Of Ze World
19. Computer man
20. G.I. Joe PSAs ("Porkchop Sandwiches" and "Different Colored Hats")
21. Fast Food Freestyle
22. Good Day, Mr. Kubrick
23. Washington
24. Hobo Madness
25. Don't Copy That Floppy
26. Where The Hell is Matt?
27. Muffins
28. Llama Song
29. Let's Paint & Exercise TV
30. Is This The Way to Armadillo?
31. Short Clips I (Guy Gets Angry At Computer, STFU, Mustache, Shovelhead)
32. Peanut Butter Jelly Time
33. Winnebago Man
34. The Next Big Thing, Really
35. Diet Coke + Mentos Experiment - The Domino Effect
36. Crazy Frog Bros.
37. Violent Crime
38. Humor
39. Appalachian University: Hot Hot Hot
40. Pinky The Cat Adoption Video
41. Gay Bar - Bush & Blair
42. Punchie
43. Rejected
44. Fat Kid on a Rollercoaster
45. Zuiikin English
46. Zombo.com
47. The Incredible Mouth Band
48. WTF Is He Talking About?
49. Yatta!
50. Tickle Me Elmo X
51. Hyperactive
52. Hooked On a Feeling - David Hasselhoff
53. The News
54. Urban Ninja
55. Short Clips II (Cup Stacking, Face, Spiderman Has Made You Gay, Demon Cat, Computer Bug)
56. Line Rider
57. Shop At Home Network (Sword Accident, Horse / Moth)
58. This'N'That
59. Lazy Sunday
60. Free Hugs

Deleted Videos

1. Hey Clip
2. Tollbooth Pennies
3. Wishmaster: The Misheard Lyrics
4. Nigga Teacha
5. Chin2
6. Animator vs. Animated
7. Catch Phrase Snake Charmer
8. Vitalic Birds
9. We Like Acid
10. Milk & Cereal
11. Chad Vader: Dayshift Manager
12. Ghost Ride The Whip
13. Power Rangers Theme
14. Mom Singin' On The Beach
15. Bananaphone
16. Skateboarding Dog
17. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
18. Joey's Crash
19. Tony vs. Paul
20. Connie Chung Sings
21. Reno Ballon Race
22. Eighty-Five Years Commercial
23. "George Bush Doesn't Like Black People" - Kanye West
24. 5th Grade Devo
25. RGB
26. Rube Goldberg Makes Tea
27. Invisible Skateboards
28. QVC Dell Porn User
29. Shadow Hand Puppets
30. My Cuppycake Song
31. Gat Kid Gets Hit With paintball
32. Extra Strong
33. Ronaldinho: Touch of Gold
34. The World's Best Card Trick
35. Mr. Rogers Outtake
36. The Big Lebowski: F*cking Short Version
37. This Place Sucks
38. Cat On A Keyboard In Space (or What You See When You Die)
39. Short Clips ("But He's Gay", Hot Tub Incident, Shirt Folding, TechTV "One of a Kind")
40. Rainbow

(If you want to see any of these videos in their entirety, search for them on YouTube or Google Videos!)

Compiled By

Pete Berg
March 2007

Copyright © Oh Cany Productions, All Rights Reserved.