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Mike's Big Day

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Posted by: Guy
31 Mar 2005 16:47:38 EST, 16:47
Mike's bald... HA! That alone makes this film worth watching!!! Also, the film stars Tim Clive aka: "White Head". There's some true talent right there... I give it a 10! Banana! Mike, Banana!
Posted by: anonymous
02 Nov 2004 13:54:39 EST, 13:54
I have to disagree with Pete to some extent. yes the film is filled with inside jokes- but they are not funny to him because he doesnt know what they are about. but if you do know what the inside jokes mean they are very funny. therefore i have to say that while the craftmanship of the film could be much better, the entertainment value was not made for Pete to enjoy it was made for Mike Amante and...
Posted by: Pete
26 Oct 2003 15:16:56 EST, 15:16
This is pretty much the first edited movie that Oh Cany Productions made, and it took a VERY LONG time to make. The music and the effects are the best we've done, but in terms of entertainment value, it's one of the worst. The problem with it is that it's filled with lots of inside jokes and scenes that were never funny to begin with...resulting in quite the mediocre film.

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