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TV Commercial Power Hour Vol. 2
Happy holidays from Oh Cany!

Updates are few and far between these days, but this one is worth the wait. I've just compiled TV Commercial Power Hour Vol. 2 -- sixty more minutes of the greatest TV ads ever to hit the small screen.

This power hour is full of hilarious local ads, blockbuster Superbowl commercials, cool concept spots, vintage ads that *do not* stand the test of time and infomercials for products that are laugh-out-loud ridiculous. Burn it to a DVD and bring it to your next party -- it's the perfect pre-gaming activity! (And you thought all of us had graduated from college...)

Plus, due to the popularity of our power hours -- they make up about 70% of the traffic coming to this site) -- I will be launching a spin-off site soon, dedicated entirely to video power hours. (Think of it as a drinking game directory, established for the greater good of mankind.) It's not up yet, but a little bird told me that you might find a work-in-progress version here.

Enjoy the power hour, have a Merry Christmas, and good luck in 2009!

Posted By on 25 Dec 2008 23:37:18 EST | Permalink
Check out Pie Heaven
"When you die, if you get a choice between pie heaven and regular heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if not -- mmmmmmm, boy!" -- Jack Handey

Hey Oh Cany fans! On Pi Day (March 14th), I launched a video blog called PIE HEAVEN, where every day I post a bunch of awesome viral videos that I find online. You'll find things like outtakes from local news, prank videos, comedy sketches, videos of hilarious dogs and cats, cute babies, clips from public access shows, senior citizens singing covers of rock songs, hockey playing black bears, and a whole lot more. The website is at:


Be sure to visit it, bookmark it, and keep coming back. It gets updated every single day, (which is more than I can say about this website...) Enjoy!

Posted By Pete on 13 Apr 2008 15:29:02 EDT | Permalink
Big Updates at Oh Cany
For the first time in years, we've done a big update to Oh Cany Productions!

Here's what's new:

  • This front page was redesigned.

  • "Jeff's Stuff" section featuring many videos Jeff made in college (more coming soon)

  • "Pete's Stuff" and "Chris' Stuff" sections updated.

  • Some of the old films were rearranged and our high school / freshman year of college videos are now listed under the heading "High School" on the side. Newer stuff is listed above that.

  • This new news page now features an RSS feed, if you'd like to subsribe and find out about our (seldom) updates.

  • There's a Shout Box on the side of this page, where you can leave comments. (Do it!)

Jeff says he has more videos to be added, so when he gets them to me, I'll add those as well. Enjoy the updates...it'll probably be a few years before the next one.

Posted By Pete Berg on 15 Feb 2008 21:23:08 EST | Permalink
The Race 2, If It Floats and more
Oh Cany Productions hasn't been updated in quite some time, but that doesn't mean that we haven't been busy!

Pete produced a second season of "The Race" for ICTV, which became a big hit online. You can read about it at Pete's website, and watch all the episodes here: The Race 2. (Jeff, Chris and some other Owego friends also helped out with The Race 2, and Owego is prominently featured in episode #4.)

In the spring, Pete also produced an ICTV comedy series called If It Floats, about a public relations firm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It's a mockumentary show, similar to The Office.

And finally, there have been some minor updates to this website, and there is now an RSS feed of this blog. Sometime in the near future, we hope to do some much-needed updates, so keep checking back! (Or subscribe to the RSS feed and find out instantly.)

Posted By Pete on 13 Feb 2008 15:06:09 EST | Permalink
Finally: Don Quijote and the lost Oh Cany scenes!
Way back when we launched this site, there were a handful of our high school projects that went missing, and we figured we'd probably never see them again. Well, we were wrong! The other day, Chris and I found "The Don Quijote Project" from Spanish V class and several missing scenes from "Oh Cany" from our trip to Colorado in 2002. They've been added to the "School Projects" and "Oh Cany" sections, respectively. We also did a slight bit of editing on both of them -- with our space age computer editing system -- something we could never do in high school. This includes adding subtitles to "Don Quijote," so that it's coherent. Don't worry, we didn't do much...the movies are still unbelievably crappy.
Posted By Pete on 03 Sep 2007 14:06:06 EDT | Permalink
TV Commercials Power Hour
Oh Cany Productions presents our THIRD power hour in six months! This time around, it's all about TV commercials. The power hour has 60 minutes' worth of unintentionally funny local commercials, famous ads, totally awesome tv spots and old-school commercials from the '90s, '80s and before. Just click the "Power Hour" link to the left to find it.
Posted By Pete on 13 Jun 2007 23:20:21 EDT | Permalink
Internet Video Power Hour Version 2.0
The first Internet Video Power Hour was such a hit that I decided to make a sequel! Version 2.0 features sixty more one minute clips from viral videos and flash animations. Every time the video switches, drink! (To watch it, click the POWER HOUR link on the sidebar.)
Posted By Pete Berg on 14 Mar 2007 10:29:46 EDT | Permalink
Oh Cany Productions presents: THE RACE!
SIX teams. HUNDREDS of miles. ONE finish line. Who will win.... THE RACE?

"The Race" is a reality tv show I produced for Ithaca College Television similar to "The Amazing Race," only with Ithaca College students around Central New York. You can watch all four episodes (four-and-a-half hours total running time) at ictv.org!

Posted By Pete Berg on 07 Mar 2007 23:31:41 EST | Permalink
Internet Video Power Hour
Hey there, Oh Canadians! I just wasted a day compiling an Internet Video Power Hour of sixty (approximately) second long clips from Internet videos and flash animations. I tried to include the most famous and significant viral videos of all time, along with a few of my favorites. Bottoms up! (Click the "Power Hour" link on the sidebar on the left to check it out.)
Posted By Pete on 17 Jan 2007 12:39:19 EST | Permalink
Soil Erosion Back In Production!?
Well, not exactly. But a few weeks ago, Jeff and I *almost* shot another scene for Soil Erosion (or perhaps a scene for another movie we might make about Ghost Hunters). In fact, we discussed *possibly* shooting this scene extensively, tried to recruit some people to be in the scene, and even did some half-assed location scouting. That's a huge step forward for Oh Cany Productions! Anyhow, Jeff's got some videos he made with friends at Geneseo that we're gonna put up on the site soon, so you can look forward to those. Or not. I don't friggin care. Now, if you'd excuse me, I'm going to get back to *not* editing Soil Erosion!
Posted By Pete on 12 Jun 2006 02:09:06 EDT | Permalink
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Internet Video Power Hour
A compilation of 60 second clips from the all time funniest and coolest internet videos. Burn this video to a DVD and bring it with you to your next party!

The Race
A reality show that Pete produced for Ithaca College Television in the Fall of 2006 / Spring of 2007. Check out ictv.org to see the show.

Soil Erosion Trailer:
Watch the trailer for our upcoming mockumentary! (2:02/256kbps/WMV)



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